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Arno Vermeer
5 days ago

Even de tijd genoemen de hele fotoreportage te bekijken. Echt vakmanschap, knap werk.

Arno Vermeer
5 days ago

(ook) ik wil een ilur bouwen (in Friesland), geinsprireerd door Roger Barnes. Enig idee hoeveel uren de bouw in beslag genomen heeft?

20 days ago

Schitterend, uitgebreid verslag!

Mvg Bram

a month ago

Congratulations! What a beautiful boat! I have just bought the Ilur plans and your blog was definetely inspiring. Wish you all the best, from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Phil Schroeder
a month ago

Very nice... enjoyed the pics, and got some great ideas...

José Frita
4 months ago

thanks for the excellent documentation of your build. The result was very beautiful. I would love to build an Ilur, seeing its construction gave me confidence. But will I be able to build it, my knowledge of arpentry is little, it's not possible to build it using the stitch and paste system. Thank you.

Hank Mutsaers
4 months ago


wat een prachtig bootje hebben jullie gebouwd. Ik zit er zelf aan te denken een Ilur te bouwen of te kopen. Zou het mogelijk zijn jullie Ilur eens te komen bekijken?

Ik hoor t graag en mvgr, Hank Mutsaers

Andrew Mezulis
5 months ago

Thank you for such a great documentation of your build. You have a beautiful boat. I would love to build an Ilur and reading about your build has given me a little more confidence to have a go at building one. Many thanks.

Grant Mason
6 months ago

Hi there,
Thanks for your blog. What an awesome build. Very impressive. I am building an Ilur in Australia with a friend of mine. Like you we have never build a boat before, but no where near as well as you have.
I was wondering if you installed any drain plugs as per Vivier's design where he recommends drain plugs near the keel aft of the centreboard case?
Many thanks and well done again. Looks fantastic.

a year ago

I'm building an Ilur in Friesland as wel. A clinkerkit. So a lot less work but not easy at all.
I love the way you managed to line the strakes at the bow. A work of art!!!!