We had some leftover plywood and started making the rudder. 

Gluing the parts together

Pouring lead in the rudder-blade

Later we used the router to make the lead flat so it was  easier to cover up.

Covering the lead part with a Mohogany sheet.

First layers of Epoxy injection resign


The Tiller


We made a slightly bend mould for the tiller.

The tiller is made of Teak interspersed with American Maple.   (Notice it is still rapped up in plastic foil)

Using a lot of pressure.

This is what it looks like after planing.

First layer of epoxy primer. Notice the brass hinge!

The tiller-handle is looking nice!

Making brass rudder gudgeons and pintles


Welding brass with silver

Covering the top and bottom side with brass

Fitting the gudgeons

It really starts to look cool, almost professional ;-)

To hold the rudder blade I could make a brass pin using the metal lathe at the  University I work.

Making gudgeons mounting plates out of solid brass blocks.

Here we soldered the pintle into the brass block


The rudder completed







A year after we made the pintles and gudgeons today we finally attached the rudder to the transom and added a smal 'Optimist' retain clip to prevent loss due capsizing.









We added a home made sheave to lift the rudder blade.