The measuremets for the centreboard on the drawing were difficult to comprehend so we made a life-size drawing of the centreboard first just to be sure.












Making the centreboard by gluing the two sheets of 10 mm plywood together. 

Sheeted the centreboard with fibreglass and epoxy and applied some Epoxy filler. 

The inside of the centreboard case is sheeted too and we applied 3 layers of Epoxy resign.

Inside of the centreboard case

We applied two layers of Epoxy primer and white dd coating.

In the doubler for the centreboard we made two brass plates as a pivot stop. We will make it watertight with Siccaflex. This means removing the pivot will always be possible.

Gluing the centreboard case logs.

Today  (August 14th 2021) we flipped the boat on her side to insert the centreboard.

This was easy to do by keeping a tension strap around the boat and the support frame.

The doubler for the  pivot is in place. Now she is really floatable!!!!